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Possible Titles

My whole research paper is about obesity and how it is affecting us Americans and making our lives harder than they are now.  I am deciding between:

The rise of obesity

American’s obesity

Obesity is “making life harder”

I am not sure what I want to title my research yet.  However, I want it to be catchy and make people want to read my paper!

Ideas are welcome ūüôā

Colloquial Summary

For my paper I am using one source that’s¬†called “The O Word: Why the Focus on Obesity is Harmful to Community Health” from Prevention Institute.¬† What this article is about is how the “O” word is all over the world.¬† There is not one spot where the word obesity doesn’t exist.¬† In the article, an expert says “its time to find a cure to obesity and stop blaming the individual of the conditions they are in.”¬† It’s true, we need to figure out a cure to help people not to become obese.¬† The main purpose of this article is to explain that you can die from being obese and having such hard times with obesity.¬† The first step to making the “O” word disappear is to stop blaming yourself.¬† If there is anyone to blame, it’s the social and economic influence.¬† We tend to forget about good and bring in the bad by blaming ourselves when we shouldn’t.

Another big issue about obesity is the negative effects it has on a person.  Obviously a person knows they are obese, and they can either be embarrassed about it or accept it.  However, it still has a negative effect on them if they accept it.  It hurts them physically and emotionally.  No one can really understand how they are feeling unless you are obese and know what its like.

Chapter Four

One source that I summarized¬†was about portion sizes and how they increased dramatically.¬† Packaging looks so good and consumers¬†just think it looks so delicious they get so much of the food, they don’t realize what they are really taking in.¬† Portion sizes have doubled, almost tripled their sizes from what they used to be.¬† Twenty years ago, the calories were so low in foods but now a days, the calories have gone up almost half.¬† consumers do not know how much calories have increased or how much the portion sizes have increased.¬† That is why people are becoming obese because they don’t know.¬† They are clueless to the situation.

The author states that now a days, people do not think they get their moneys worth of what they receive.¬† They see a decent size portion and think they are getting ripped off and want more but what they don’t know is that, that decent size has a good amount of calories we should be eating for one meal.¬† When they want more, they do not think the calories will rise a lot but they will.¬† I agree that maybe in some dishes we do not get our money’s worth but really when you think about it, it is worth the decent size you get.¬† No one wants to become obese so everyone needs to start agreeing with what they get and not complain about not getting enough.

What I also think what people should do when they see food they like, they need to start reading the Nutrition Facts and see how much servings they can eat and how much calories it has.  It is rarely that people put down an item because of the Nutrition Facts.  Everyone ignores the labels and just enjoys what they are eating.  I admit I do not read the labels but after researching and learning about all this I am going to start.

Summary on Obesity

One article that I thought was very interesting was how portion sizes increased dramatically.  Americans waistband have reacted to this change.  In 1970, 47%  of Americans were overweight, now in 2011, 66% are.  The ones who were already obese, have doubled their size.  Now a days, consumers buy more of an item because of the packaging looks small, but in reality when you go to open item they appear larger and look so good, we keep eating.  Another reason why Americans are consuming so much is because they make the food look so good and appetizing when really its all fat and nasty for you.  Over the years, the sizes of the food even doubled their size.  Twenty years ago, two slices of pizza were 500 calories, today two slices of pizza is 850.  Those extra 350 calories, if someone was to eat two slices two times a month, they would put on two extra  pounds a year or forty pounds in the next two decades. Fast food companies have also increased their sizes in burgers either two or five times larger.  After reading this article I realized, it is not just the people who become obese fault.  It is the food companies that we go to, and everything we are eating, they are able to make them in smaller portions and not have as many bad things in them.

Addition on Obesity

After researching more on obesity, I have found more sources that I would like to use in my paper.

What I found that was very interesting to me was that the portion sizes have increased incredibly.  The serving sizes have at least doubled within the past year.  That is a big reason on why obesity has gone up in the past couple years.  Many people do not realize what they are putting into their bodies and what they are eating.  People need to be more careful and know what they are eating and what the causes are.

Another thing I was interested in was a website saying that 43% of elementary students are overweight and 76% of them are not getting enough fruits and vegetables.

The more and more I research I get very interested.  Studies say that people did not know that the more you exercise, it will help you lose weight more.  If you are active it will help you lose your weight.  It will make your diet easier and faster.  The more calories you burn, the faster you lose weight.  Not exercising will make your diet longer and harder.



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Plagiarism is a huge issue that is happening daily.¬† Plagiarism is a very bad that can have a long¬†lasting¬†effect on someone.¬† Due to the College of Saint Rose’s policy on plagiarism, they states it is not allowed.¬† It is up to the instructor to decide what is going to happen to the student who plagiarised.¬† If they think the act is an academic integrity, then the instructor will let the department of chairperson know and within two weeks, the student may defend themselves and tell what happened.¬† If the instructor believes someone plagiarised they will write a letter or fill out Academic Dishonesty Report form to the Registrar’s office.¬† The student is allowed to appeal the form and if the appeal is successful the form will be removed from files.¬† If a student has more than one form of plagiarism, they may be withdrawn from the college.¬† The College of Saint Rose will not accept plagiarism.¬† The Council of Writing Program is very different from Saint Rose’s policy.¬† It is different because Saint Rose’s policy is strict and tells you what will happen if you are caught with plagiarism.¬† The Council of Writing Program states how to avoid plagiarism and how to teach students not to plagiarise.¬† It shows how professors can let their students know they will not accept plagiarism.¬† UAlbany’s¬†plagiarism policy is a little less strict than Saint Rose’s.¬† UAlbany’s¬†policy is if a teacher caught a student plagiarizing, they will either receive¬†a failing grade or fail the course or in some cases, the professor will make the student rewrite the paper.¬† The professor can also like Saint Rose fill out a dishonesty form and hand it in but however, at UAlbany the form will remain in the folder until the student leaves or graduates from the college.¬† Out of the three sources I talked about, they are all real serious on plagiarism.¬† There is no excuse for it.¬† I learned about plagiarism throughout high school and still am learning about it. There is no excuse a person can come up with on why they plagiarised.

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